Dirt Bike Extreme Parkour

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Dirt Bike Extreme Parkour Dirt Bike Extreme Parkour

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5/5 - (1 votes)
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Dirt Bike Extreme Parkour Game


DIRT BIKE EXTREME PARKOUR is a game for those who love racing and motorcycles. If it’s you who loves racing, start the game.
To achieve the fastest time on over 40 levels in this crazy stunt game, you have to be as fast as possible in a motorcycle race. Perform crazy stunts and collect stars in this game! Improve your motocross bike with earned in-game gold and restart levels for new records. Riding physics-based Extreme Racing. To buy new motorcycles, you need to do somersaults as often as possible in levels, and you’ll need mad skills to do so. Buy new motocross and BMX bikes! Upgrade! Break the record! Stay tuned for 50+ episodes and make sure you score the maximum points on all levels up to that point.


WASD or arrow keys.

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