Zombies Shooter Part 2

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Zombies Shooter Part 2 Zombies Shooter Part 2

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5/5 - (1 votes)
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Zombies Shooter Part 2 Game


ZOMBIES SHOOTER PART 2 is a game for zombie fans.
The aim of the game is simple:
Go to a new city filled with zombies. New kinds of zombies roam the streets. Mutated firemen spew fire from their jaws. Huge mutants throw rocks. Zombie soccer players are capable of attacking at lightning speed. Free the city from new hordes of zombies. Use a huge arsenal of weapons to destroy the zombies. Watch as murdered enemies are blown to pieces. Beware: zombies wounded in the legs can crawl toward you. Save the new city!


  • enemies with unique abilities
  • dismembering enemies
  • huge arsenal of weapons
  • addictive gameplay


Mouse – look around WASD – move W + Shift – run Spacebar – jump Left mouse button – shoot Right mouse button (Hold) – aim Mouse wheel – next / previous Weapon 1-7 – weapon hotkeys R – reload G – throw grenade.

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